All the clubs and national teams have their players in the FIFA database, but what happens when they retire? Every club loses their players each season due to players retiring. If we don’t have a way to replace those players our career save will have really few players at some point, which is a big problem. FIFA career mode has a ‘feature’ that helps to keep saves playable till the end – Regens and Pregens.

What are Regens?

We all met with Regens and Pregens, but some of you might didn’t know that they replace already existing players when they retire. ‘Regens’ is a term for new younger players who replace retired players. The main reason for regenerating players as we already established is to keep the database fulfilled with enough players without having to create players from scratch.

Regens and Pregens are also making sure there are enough players in each position and nationality. Regens are created when an original player retires and has the same potential, position, and nationality as the original player. To give an example – Ronaldo’s regen would be a Portuguese striker and would have the same potential as Ronaldo (currently 92). Starting rating of a regen is completely random but is usually somewhere about 65-75 rating.

What are Pregens?

Pregens are similar to Regens – they are the same nationality, position and have the same potential as the original player, but they can be created when the original player isn’t yet retired, which is different than regens. The age of the original player doesn’t matter when the career creates Pregens, a player can be the age of 20 and still get its pregen. However chances for getting pregens are slightly better for older players, so you Mbappe won’t have as many chances to get pregen as Messi.

As an example of a Pregen we will pick Saul from Atletico Madrid who is 25 years old at beginning of career mode, but he can still get his pregen. His pregen would be Spanish central midfielder with 86 potential while Saul still exists and plays in your career.

How to scout Regens?

There are more methods how to find regens, but we will cover two of them which are the most common ones and probably the easiest way to find them. Let’s say we are searching for high potential regen who plays as a central midfielder, how are we going to find him?

Scouting retired players – we can search for specific players regenWe will pick Luka Modric as an example, we know he is retiring at the end of the season. If he is still retiring in Real Madrid his regen would probably be created in a La Liga club, so in the search filter, we search Croatia, La Liga, and CM as positions. There should be a youth player that fills those requirements, if there are more similar players, you can scout them further and see which one is regen you want by looking at their price.

Filter settings for scouting Modric regen

Free agents
A retiring player’s contract might end the moment he retires, so his regen would be spawned in free agents ‘club’. This scenario is the best for us as the player as we can sign regen without paying any fee to his club and probably the easiest method to find a regen. We would recommend you to search and scroll through free agents as you can find some really interesting and high-potential gems for a cheap price. You can spot regens by looking at their stats and price.

Muller regen found in free agents

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