We all have been in a situation where we were getting bored of our FIFA Career Mode save. One thing that can for sure help to keep Career Mode entertaining are storylines. Storylines are sort of a challenge by themselves and also give more depth to the club story. They make saves a lot more fun and interesting. We created 20 storylines for you to use in your Career Mode saves.

  1. Veteran’s Help
    Your captain asks for a veteran to help control the dressing room. Sign a player over 33 years old to your team who has the same nationality as your captain. Examples: Gianluigi Buffon, Thiago Silva, Jesus Navas, Fernandinho
  2. Different Culture
    Player whose nationality is from a different continent that the club hasn’t been playing well lately. Seems like the countries language and culture doesn’t suit him a lot. Bring a new player who has the same nationality to help your player adapt to the culture.
  3. Fight in the Dressing Room
    After a big fight in the dressing room, your main goalkeeper has immediately requested to be put on the transfer list. Sell him as soon as possible.
  4. Financial Problems
    Due to financial difficulties, you can only spent a quarter of your transfer budget this season.
  5. The Club’s Brand
    Your club has started a partnership with a big company in a different country. Send one of your Youth Academy scouts to that country for nine months. In three seasons, make sure you have at least two scouted players from that country in the starting XI, so the club’s brand becomes more popular in that country.
  6. Brother Duos
    One of your players isn’t feeling very comfortable at the club. Sign a brother of one of your players to make him feel more comfortable. Examples: Lo Celso, Lloris, Thiago & Rafinha, Miranchuk
  7. Big Argument
    Your two highest rated players had a big argument and don’t want to play together. You need to sell one of them in the next transfer window.
  8. The Revivement
    Sign a failed wonderkid and revive his career by playing him a lot and winning at least one trophy with this player in the starting XI. Examples: Zivkovic, Bakkali, Kishna, Emre Mor
  9. Way Too Confident
    The biggest talent of the club is getting way to confident, due to the media, press and fans praising him constantly. Don’t play him for the next three matches and show him who is the boss.
  10. Feeder Club
    Your club is now a satellite club for a top-tier club. Each season, for the first two seasons, you must loan at least two players from the top-tier club every season. After that, you still need to get two players from that club per season, but you are now allowed to buy players as well. If you get an offer for one of your players from the top-tier club, sell your player immediately.
  11. Country Business
    Your club has close ties within a foreign country (e.g. Wolves & Portugal). Transform the squad and make sure at least 75% of your players and Youth Academy are from that country, within four seasons.
  12. New Club Legend
    Recreate the club’s biggest legend by finding a player through the Youth Academy, who has the same nationality and plays in the same position.
  13. New Country Legend
    Recreate the country’s (the country where your club is based) biggest legend by finding a player through the Youth Academy, who has the same nationality and plays in the same position.
  14. Around the World
    The club wants to become more popular all around the world. Have at least one player from each continent in your starting XI.
  15. Drama Around the Club
    One of your top three best players has done some shady things off the pitch, which could have dramatic consequences for the club. Release the player immediately.
  16. Drugs in the Academy
    Two of your Youth Academy players have been caught whilst using drugs! Release them immediately.
  17. Poisonous Dinner
    The food was poisoned! Six of your starting XI players who were on the dinner have a stomach ache and can’t play next two matches.
  18. Personal Circumstances
    Due to personal circumstances, your captain isn’t available to play for the club for the next month.
  19. Star Player
    Both of the starting XI wingers want to become a star player at the club, but only one player can fill that spot. During the season, play both players together as much as possible. At the end of the season, decide which one of the two stays at the club and who has to leave. Make sure that the player who stays at the club fulfils the ‘star player’ role in the next couple of seasons.
    (If you don’t use a formation with wingers, then make the battle between the two strikers!)
  20. Lack of Experience
    The team lacks experience due to the high amount of youngsters, sign a ‘footballing legend’ that can help the youngsters, give tips and advice. This player must play in at least half of the total amount of matches in the season. Keep him at the club until he retires.

All of the storylines can be modified to your own liking and you can either choose which one you want to use or click here to use a random wheel that decides for you!

If you have any other storylines that should be added to this list, let us know below!



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