When you first choose to send a scout out, you get to choose what nation, for how long, and what to look for. Usually, people set that to anything, but at the same time, by narrowing down the searching list, you get more concise but successful results. For example:

The youth system in FIFA is an interesting scenario. A mass array of nations to choose from, with varying requests available allows every player to perfect their academy and find the best players possible. However, some people may not know what they want. This guide will help inform you with the best nations to send youth scouts so that you always receive the best possible players.

Searching by player type

Searching for different types will bring you different positions, there are multiple options of types to choose from when scouting. Here is a quick guide on which positions you get which can help you building your team.

Player TypePosition
Technically GiftedCM, CDM, CAM, LM, RM
WingerLM, RM, LW, RW, ST
Physically StrongCB, LB, RB, CDM, ST
PlaymakerCDM, CM, CAM, CF
AttackerCAM, RW, LW
Defensive MindedCDM, CM, LB, RB

Searching in different countries

The countries you send your scouts can also have an impact on scouting. Choosing which country you scout for different positions can be difficult if you want high potential players. We made a quick guide for you too see which countries bring best players.

Player TypeBest Regions to Scout
Technically GiftedArgentina, Brazil
WingerAsia and Africa
Physically StrongAfrica and North America
PlaymakerCentral Europe, Japan, China
AttackerArgentina, Brazil, Japan, China
Defensive MindedSouth and North America
OVERALLArgentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France

If you have any suggestion on which guide we should do next, make sure to let us below! Make sure to checkout our other guides and join our Discord server!


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