Athletic Club Bilbao is a football club based in Bilbao, Spain. The club was founded in 1898 by Basque students. Athletic Bilbao is one of the most successful Spanish clubs having won 8 league titles and 24 Copa del Rey. In recent years, the club has failed to achieve a high finish in La Liga and qualify for an European Competition.

Athletic Bilbao’s transfer policy is what makes this club so unique for a Career Mode challenge. With the club being located in a Basque region, the transfer policy of the club includes buying only players from its region – Basque.

The Basque Region

Knowing the basic information about the club and their transfer policy, your task in this Career Mode challenge is quite simple.

The Cantera Transfer Policy
The main challenge of the Athletic Bilbao challenge is to only use/sign players from the Basque region. You can either sign players or develop your own using Youth Academy. Athletic Bilbao is good in holding their players and selling them for a high price, only sell your players if the offer is above their value.

Youth Academy
The Basque region is mostly located in Spain, but it also has a small part in France. Send your Youth Academy scouts to both Spain and France.

Profitable Transfers
Athletic Bilbao makes a profit from transfers almost every season, selling their players for a high price. Your goal is not to spend more budget than you earn from transfers after 1st season. If you sell a player for a price of €50 million, you have €50 million to spend on your transfers.

Aduriz’s Replacement
Aduriz is one of the best strikers in Bilbao’s history scoring 172 goals for the club in all competitions. Inaki Williams is brought to the club as his replacement. Your goal is to make Inaki your main striker and overtake Aduriz’s record of 172 goals. Inaki is currently on 68 goals scored for Bilbao.

The Basque Derby
Athletic Bilbao’s main rivals are Real Sociedad, their rivalry is known as the “Basque Derby“. Make sure to beat the rivals and achieve a higher finish in La Liga than Real Sociedad, every season. Also, make sure not to lose twice in a season against Real Sociedad, and if you do, you have to sell one of your starting XI players.

Qualify to Europe
As the challenge says, your challenge is to bring the club to a European Competition once again after failing to qualify in recent years. Achieve a high finish in La Liga or win Copa del Rey to qualify to either Champions League or Europa League.

Champions League
As for the biggest goal of the challenge, you need to win the Champions League. After qualifying for an European Competition in season 1, your goal is to win the bigger one, the Champions League, in 4 seasons.

Spanish Invincibles
Athletic Bilbao won the La Liga title in 1929/30 after going unbeaten for a whole season. Your goal is to go unbeaten in La Liga winning the title in 5 seasons with the Athletic Bilbao and repeat the 1929/30 season.

If you decide to give yourself a try playing this Athletic Bilbao Career Mode challenge, make sure to join us on the Discord server and share your experience. Don’t forget to follow FifaCMTips on social media and give us your suggestions on what challenges should we make in the comments!


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