Nordsjælland, or ‘the Tigers’ are a Danish club with an interesting set of ethics. The club bases itself heavily around its youth academy, providing itself on creating talents of all types. Furthermore, the club was purchased by the Mansour owned youth project ‘Right to Dream’, which enabled Ghanaian players to get a mainstream path into European football.

Your challenge is to take this side, and by utilising the youth academy in the game, turn the side from one who struggles to finish above 5th place, to one who storms the league season after season. However, to fully finish this challenge, you must:
Win the UCL and league title
Have a team consisting of at least 8 Danish and Ghanaian players.

The right to dream academy, The Ghanaian based Academy.

The rules are:
No transfer increases
Youth scouts must be sent to Ghana and Denmark every single time (the 3rd scout can be sent to any other Scandinavian or African nation)
You must have at least 8 Danish and/or Ghanaian players in your starting XI by the time you do win the UCL
Any transfer requests for any of your top 4 highest rated squad players or top goalscorer at the time of the transfer MUST be accepted

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