With Andres Iniesta, Bojan and Sergi Samper as midfield options, J-League side Vissel Kobe have a very…interesting squad to use in FIFA22 Career Mode. The ultimate goal of this challenge is of course: to win the Japanese league.

Everyone knows the legend that is Andres Iniesta, who has been crucial to FC Barcelona in his years at the club, and also for the Spanish national team (hurts to say that as I’m from the Netherlands…). The currently 37-year-old has been playing in Japan for the past few seasons now. Alongside him is another former FC Barcelona player who currently plays for Vissel Kobe, Sergi Samper. The current 26-year-old defensive midfielder had 84 potential in FIFA17 and was deemed to be quite a good talent when he came through La Masia, FC Barcelona’s youth academy. And last but not least is another former FC Barcelona player in Bojan, who joined Vissel Kobe just a couple of months ago. The now 31-year-old could be seen as the biggest failed wonderkid in recent football history as he broke every record in the youth ranks of Barcelona, but never quite made it at the top. He had 92 potential in FIFA08/09/10 and made several moves to various countries in his career so far.

Bojan joined Vissel Kobe last summer

With these three players in midfield, you might not have the youngest combination of players or the quickest. But you will have quite the storyline with these players, as you will be trying to give Andres Iniesta a proper send-off with a league title in Japan and try to somewhat revive Bojan and Samper’s careers, winning trophies in Japan at first and potentially giving them a good move to Europe, where they can try and reach the top for a final time.

Alongside these three players, Vissel Kobe also have Thomas Vermaelen (another former Barcelona player) in the squad, together with former Werder Bremen player Yuya Osako and Lincoln, a young Brazilian talent who tries to get to the top of football via an unusual way (with joining a Japanese side at an early period of your career).

Lincoln started his career at Flamengo and debuted at 16 years
of age, but joined Vissel Kobe in 2021

GOAL: Win the J-League, the Japanese league in this Career Mode Challenge with Vissel Kobe, to end Iniesta’s career on a high and revive Bojan and Samper’s careers. If that’s too easy, try to win the league three times in a row! Make sure the difficulty for this save is quite high so you don’t make it too easy!


  1. Play the midfield trio of Iniesta, Samper and Bojan as many times as possible. Due to stamina issues you might not be able to play these three players all at the same time constantly, but try to make it become a regular occurance.
  2. If possible, sign other (former) FC Barcelona players who are over the age of 30 and are below 80 rated. This way you can slowly recreate an almost entire former Barcelona team in Japan and let them play together one more time!
  3. Try and make Lincoln a successful striker in the J-League, before he makes a good move to Europe.
  4. You may only use one Youth Academy scout and you may only send him to Japan to create a good next generation of Japanese players

Other than these rules, I would recommend to use the Loose Negotiation Strictness, as that will help you sign (former) FC Barcelona players. Make sure you don’t add a financial takeover before starting the Career Mode and mainly use the Global Scouting Network to find hidden gems in the Japanese league!

Let us know in the comments if you will start a Vissel Kobe save with this FIFA22 Career Mode Challenge! Don’t forget to follow our CareerModeTips account on Twitter to never miss another post on our website!


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