FIFA Career Mode challenges are a fun way to play career mode and enjoy it while playing. The challenge we have coming up next is more of an experiment than a challenge. It involves using one of the most important assets in the game – Youth Academy.

To make it short, Youth Squad Legends is a name of a challenge which includes using only Youth Academy players in your team mostly by developing them through seasons and selling other players in the club. The challenge itself sounds pretty simple, but we will add some cool challenges or requirements in this.

Choosing a Club

When it comes to choosing a club, you can choose whatever club you want. From Premier League to League Two, even Indian League if you want to try it. I would personally recommend you to choose a club in EFL League Two as it would give you few seasons to develop players before you go onto a run in Premier League.

Simulation Only

Youth Squad Legends challenge/experiment usually takes a lot of time to get to the final point, so the requirement of this challenge is to simulate games only. You can choose if it is just a regular simulation or the quick sim, but make sure to sim your games. Trust me, it will go much faster like this, but you can play some games if you ever feel like you want!

Same Nationality

This rule solely depends on what club you choose! At all times, have 5 of your players in your starting line-up from the same nation the club is. If you have chosen to try this challenge with a League Two team, you must have at least 5 players from England in your starting XI, at ALL times! Shouldn’t be too hard? Depends on what players you get, might be cruel to left a 90+ potential player out for 70 potential player.

Release All

The whole point of the challenge is to get rid of all players that are not from your youth academy, so why would you use real players? While developing your new team players, make sure to get rid of all other players by the end of the first season. In a case where you did not sell all other players till the end of the season, sell them as fast as you can, but release your highest rated Youth Academy player.

Win the Treble

At this point, your team have become one of the best teams in the world by knocking out high influential teams like Bayern, Real Madrid, Liverpool etc. Main goal for your ending season is to win the treble by winning the league title, league cup and at the end – Champions League! Good luck with the challenge!

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any suggestions on posts and challenges we should do next, leave it down below! Be sure to follow FifaCMTips on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube to not miss any other FIFA 22 Career Mode content!


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