Everyone who likes to play Career Mode must have experienced a great save getting repetitive and boring, which leads to us making a new career and completely forgetting about the old one. Do not worry! We have a good solution for it. In order to keep a Career Mode fun, we can choose whatever we want to do or create, so why not use some great storylines!

Personally, I really like using storylines in my Career Mode saves as they make me see the situation in a different way and it makes it fun to play the game. For you to try and experience something new and different, we have created 15 more storylines you can use in FIFA Career Mode! This time, we have a 10+5 combination (10 stories for Manager + 5 for Player Career).

  1. A Retiring Legend
    Real-life club legend is getting older and closer to his retirement. Start a Player Career with the legendary player and retire him to become a successful manager like once were as a player.
  2. Bad Influence
    One of your top-tier talents (or an academy graduate) was accused of going in the casino and consuming drugs and has a bad influence on other academy players. Make sure to keep the club’s status and sell/release the player immediately.
  3. Fight In The Squad
    On one of the weekly trainings, your captain and the top player had a fight between them. Release one of your top 3 rated players.
  4. Virus In The Squad
    Due to many flights for matches, three of your starting XI players were tested Covid positive. Put three of your starting XI players in reserves for the next two matches.
  5. Transfer Ban
    The club spent too much money in the last transfer window and violated the financial fair play. As punishment, you can’t make any signings in the next transfer window.
  6. Financial Support
    New club owners have been brought in the club which means more budget for transfers. New owners deposited an additional budget for the upcoming season. Add €100 million of transfer budget when starting a save.
  7. National Team
    Your team is amazingly popular in the domestic league and has an influence on the National Team. Currently, your team has too many foreign players, sign at least two players who are the same nationality as your club to satisfy them.
  8. The ‘Legend’ Status
    One of your star players and many years member of the squad has been taking his legend role too easy. Make him find his place in the team again by benching him in the next 5 matches.
  9. Club Partnership
    Your club owners have a great friendship with another football club. Sign 2 players from one club to continue their partnership.
  10. One Position Overload
    In the past, your club produced many players playing in the same position. Choose one position and make sure to produce new top talents playing in that position. (Example: Produce many talented fullbacks).

Player Career Mode Storylines

  1. Star’s Brother
    When creating your player, give yourself the surname of another popular player in the world. Meanwhile creating a story like you are his brother. Start from a team your brother started in. (Example: Mbappe started in Monaco, so you also start in Monaco.)
  2. National Team Call-Up
    Ongoing rumours are suggesting you are very close to getting a call for the National team. Put in everything you have to increase your chances of getting that call!
  3. Become a Manager
    Your player already have become an influential player in the footballing world but your career is slowly coming to an end. Retire as a legend and become a successful manager like you deserve to be.
  4. Revive a Wonderkid
    Choose an option to play as a real player in Player Career Mode and choose to be one of the failed wonderkids. Play the best football and revive the career of a former young talent! You can check some of the talents you can choose from our 100+ TALENTS WHO LOST POTENTIAL post!
  5. Trust Issues
    You’ve been performing quite well in your recent matches, but your manager still doesn’t quite trust you. Submit a transfer request to another club to find yourself a place in the team.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any suggestions on posts we should do next, leave it down below or message us on our Twitter or Instagram (@CareerMDTips). You can also follow @FIFACMTips on his socials for the latest FIFA 22 content!


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