Wakefield is a cathedral city and the administrative centre of the City of Wakefield district in West Yorkshire in England. It has a population of 100,000 citizens, according to the 2011s measurements. The most popular sport in Wakefield is rugby and the most popular rugby team is Wakefield Trinity.

Wakefield is the biggest English city without a single football team at any level of football. Already being a big rugby town, it would be appropriate to create a football team in Wakefield. Wakefield itself makes a great opportunity to create a cool story around the club, so lets make Wakefield FC in Create a Club!

Story Idea

The current Wakefield Trinity owner, Michael Carter decided to invest the money and make the Wakefield’s football team. The club will be associated with the rugby team as its the same brand, but will work as a singular unit. The club received promotion to the EFL League Two after a successful season in Vanorama National League in season 2020/21 and is in highest tier its ever been, its on you to carry the team on and achieve some great success with the club.

Creating the Club

As the club’s name, you can either set it as simple as Wakefield FC, or make it a branch of the rugby club and call it Wakefield Trinity. You can choose whatever club nickname you want, the same is for short name and abbreviation, here is how I made it if you want to copy it:

The league we are going to put the club is EFL League Two, you can put it in higher league if you want to start in closer to the Premier League, but this is the hardest option. You can replace them with whatever team you want, but make sure to keep Bradford City in as we are going to make them our rivals! The Bradford City is another team from the West Yorkshire, so it would be appropriate to make the rivalry with them!

Kits and Badge

When creating the kits and the badge, we can recreate the Wakefield Trinity badge or create our own, I choose to recreate the existing one. The kits should be in white, blue and red colour, here’s how mine came out. You can create your own or try and copy these ones in your career.

When creating the squad, make sure to match the overall rating to your league, I’d recommend to set 1 or 1.5 star if you are starting in EFL League Two. You can set whatever squad age you want and add how much budget you want, again, I’d recommend 1 million to make it harder for yourself.

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