There has been quite few of new squad updates in the January adding many new players and talents to FIFA 22 Career Mode. As we all like new talents in FIFA Career Mode, this is a great opportunity to check some of them out!

Noah Mbamba at Club Brugge

These players can be very good signings for ‘Road to Glory’ or even FIFA 22 Create a Club Career Modes, as most of them start in low 60s overall rating and all of them have an insane potential!

You might be familiar with some of these players, like Arrey-Mbi who got re-added to the game, or even Noah Mbamba who has been on radar of many FIFA 22 players. There are some players that might be perfect for your Career Mode save, check them out!

Here is the list of the top 10 talents added since January 13th till February 4th.

CBNoah MbambaClub Brugge1664/88
CBAkwo Arrey-MbiBayern Munchen1862/85
RBIvan FresnedaReal Valladolid1664/84
CBDimitrios KeramitsisRoma1762/84
LWAmourricho van Axel DongenAjax1664/84
CFSamuele VignatoAC Monza1764/83
STIker BravoBayer Leverkusen1663/83
LBValentin BarcoBoca Juniors1663/83
RWYira SorSlavia Praha2071/82
STEnis DestanTrabzonspor1965/82

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