You’re sat on the career mode menu, you have 4 saves there,each at various levels. But none of them appeal. So this guide will give you another 4 challenges that only take you a season or 2 to complete.

Please Stop Germain.
PSG are a dominant team, filled with more talent and fancy players than any other team in recent history. The concept of Messi playing with Ramos, Di Maria, Hakimi and Donnarumma wouldve seemed far-fetched back in 2019, but now it’s a reality. But this star-studded lineup needs to be held back. Your challenge is to take one of the other big teams in France, such as Monaco, Lyon or Marseille and win the Ligue 1 title. Shouldn’t be too difficult….right?

For an extra challenge, try doing it with one of Nice, RC Lens or LOSC Lille.

When the Spurs go marching in.
The big 6 in England have been relatively the same for ages. City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. But only one of these teams hasn’t won the title since 2000, and that’s Tottenham. It has become a common joke to mock Tottenham’s lack of trophies, but maybe this can be changed. Take over the North London side, and bring them something they strived for. The challenge is basically to win the Premier League or Conference League. That’s it, one single trophy. Just to stop the jokes.

For an extra challenge, try make it a double, winning one of those two trophies plus the FA Cup or Carabao Cup.

Can U C this L
The Champions League is maybe the most famous club competition in the footballing world. 32 of the best teams play each other in a chance to win Ol’ Big Ears. But there are a list of teams that have never won it. Some have made the final, but that elusive spot on the podium is just too much to achieve. This challenge revolves around winning the UCL with one of these teams. They are: Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Napoli, PSG, Roma, Sevilla and Valencia.

Now, obviously there are lots more, but they’re the ones who should be winning it, or should have won it. Some are easier than others, but it’s up to you who to pick. For an extra challenge, try do it with a smaller side, such as Brighton, Freiburg or Athletic Bilbao. There are a lot of teams to pick from though, so don’t think you only have these ones to pick from.

Sweep the league
This may be the most brutal challenge out there, but it may also be the most entertaining. Take one of the biggest clubs in the world, such as City, PSG, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Chelsea, and put them in the Irish League. Don’t alter anything. Just load it up, and go absolutely berserk. You will be playing 1 star and half a star teams with a star-studded lineup every single match, and then you still get European football at the end of the season. Twice the reward with even less risk, who says no…other than the Irish FA.

For an extra challenge, you could set yourself a task of starting every match with either a set number of Youth Academy players in your starting XI, or have to change your lineup/formation for every single match.

And that’s it. 4 small challenges that vary in fun and ease, but it’s up to you on what you do. Don’t feel forced to do exactly what someone tells you to do, career mode is about experimenting with different styles, and altering the game so that it is right for you. Worst case scenario, put the controller down for a bit and do something else. Having fun is the main focus.


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