For today’s Create a Club, it will revolve around a certain type of club. There won’t be some historic limits you have to follow, there isn’t some past horrors that haunt this forgotten club.

For this save, and create a club, you will build a club of 1 nation. Pick any nation you want, build the club around that nation, and out them in a lower tier of your choice. Can be 3. Liga, League 2, Ligue 2, LaLiga Smartbank, it’s up to you. The only rules is you just have at least 6 players in your starting XI from the country you chose at all times, the only exception being for the first month or so of the save where you have to work with an auto-assigned club.

Signing the best players from the chosen nation is a useful way to go about this, but the youth academy is an even better tactic

Your task is then fairly simple. Win the top divisions league title, win the UCL, and have a full starting XI of 1 single nation. A single team of national friends. Whether you go easy with Argentina or France, try something challenging by picking Croatia or Morocco, or basically forfeit the challenge from the get go and choose a nation like Estonia or Lithuania, there are endless possibilities, endless nations, and for this, the youth academy may be your best, and only friend.

even without the save that last part is probably true for me though to be honest.

An example of a kit/badge you can use for a nation. I went with a Morocco save, so red and green were a crucial part of everything.

Create a club that revolves around a single nation, giving it a name like Peru FC, Egypt United or, well, anything.

Edit the kits, badge and stadium to suit the country, so give yourself a colour code appropriate for that nation, such as blue and white for Finland, or Red, white and blue for the USA.

Give yourself either 1m or 10m, but you must be on at most 10% of that when the summer window ends (so 100k or 1m)

The challenge is officially completed when you have a full squad of 23 players from a single nation and have won the UCL, top divisions title, and every other available trophy.

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