A while back we’ve made a post about storylines/scenarios to use in FIFA Career Mode. This time we will give you 8 FIFA 22 Career Mode scenarios you could try out. It’s not just scenarios, their scenarios are specifically made to be used in a Player Career Mode. You theoretically also use this in a normal club or create a club save, but we’d recommend applying them to your Player Career.

Before listing the scenarios I recommend a few things you consider before starting. Firstly I recommend doing this one somewhere in the middle of the save, once you are bored and want to spice it up a little. Secondly, I recommend only doing 1 per save. This way it won’t be too much and boring after just a few spins. Lastly, I recommend using this wheel. This way it will be random and more fun.

Position Swap
Your performance has been off, and your manager decided that you will be trying out a new position for a while. Change position as a player. If you want it to be randomised I suggest using a wheel. If you want to choose yourself you can. In order to make it hard, I’d recommend keeping that position for at least 2 seasons. Maybe you will even enjoy it so much that it will be your position forever!

Transfer Listed
You just learned that the manager talked poorly behind your back, because of this you’ve put in a transfer request. You will have to accept an offer before the end of the window. If you apply this outside a transfer window, you have to accept an offer before the start of a window.

Loan Listed
This one is very similar to the Transfer Listed one. But this time you will ask to be put on the loan list. The same rules of the Transfer Listed apply to this scenario. So accept before or in a window.

Request a loan via the Squad Hub

First come, first serve
You are not enjoying it at your current club and you want to leave as soon as possible. For this one you have to accept the next transfer offer you get, no matter what team. You don’t have to be put on the transfer list for this, so you might have to wait for a little. But the first offer you get HAS to be accepted.

The Great Reset
This is a tough one. You are in a bad state of mind and you didn’t show up for the last few training sessions. You got a little bit fat during this period and you are not as good as you were before. For the next 10 matches, you have to reset your growth. This means you will have to reset all the points you applied on FIFA 22. Can you still perform without all the boosts and growth?

Reset all your attributes

This is a long-term one. After a questionable statement in the media about the country you are in, you are banned from playing football in this country. So for this scenario, you are banned from playing football in the country you are currently at. This means you will have to move as quickly as possible and can’t play football in this country anymore.

Trust the process
Another long-term one. You are loving your time at your current club and believe in the vision of the club. For this scenario, you will have to trust the process of the team. You are required to stay at least 3 more seasons with the club you are currently at. This means that if you are at Örebro SK in Sweden, you will have to stay at Örebro SK for 3 more seasons.

The Good One
It’s hard to think of pleasant scenarios to use in FIFA 22 Career Mode, so this will be the only one. You are lacking in form. To regain your form you are working over hours and training hard. For the next 3 games, you are allowed to lower your difficulty to get good form and growth. This might be cheating for some, but the scenario decided.

Change difficulty to what you want

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