Regens only Career Mode challenge requires you to only sign and use pregens, regens or newgens which are generated in other clubs, as it sounds obvious from the challenge name.

If you don’t know what regens are – check out our Regens Guide post!

For this challenge, you are allowed to choose whatever club you want to do this challenge with but I would recommend you using a 2nd division team like Sheffield United, QPR, Fulham etc.

Leon Hills – regen in my Leyton Orient save

There are only few rules to follow, so let’s check them out!

  1. Only Sign Regens
    – as obvious, this rule only allows you to sign regens of another players for your club.
  2. Do Not Only Make Free Transfers
    – try to avoid only signing free agents, if you want this to be harder, only sign players that are already in another club.
  3. Sell Players From Your Squad
    – sell every non-regen player you have in your team
  4. Win The Treble
    – as the end goal, win the UCL, domestic league and domestic cup with your team to secure the treble
  5. Simulate First Season (Optional)
    – simulate first season to make the game generate new regens for retired players, you can do it without this rule, but it will be harder in first season.

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