Over half of the countries in the world lie above the equator. There are relatively few that lie below. One of the few nations that lies entirely below the equator is Argentina. Viewed as one of the most southern nations in the world, it is a holy site for football, giving us players like Maradona, Aguero, Riquelme and Messi.

A relatively small team, there is an Ushuaia FC out there, but it isnt even registered as semi-professional.

The most southerly city in the country though, is one that is without a major football club. Ushuaia sits in the province of Tierra del Fuego. A population of around 60,000, and a size of just 23km², makes this a relatively small city, its port is noted worldwide due to its location, but overall, this city is one that is virtually excluded from everyone else.

Ushuaia is a very picturesque city, surrounded by deep waters and colossal mountains

For this create a club, you will effectively create this club from the ground up, and take them to the top of South America. With the recently licensed Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana, it makes this challenge all that more entertaining. From the south of the nation, to top of the whole continent, can you reach heights higher than imaginable?

Create CF Ushuaia (name us up to you), giving them a green/white colour scheme, and in Arena del Centenario.

Put them in the Argentinian league, and make their rivals Aldosivi

Only sign players from nations in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia, South Africa or Argentina.

Complete this challenge by winning the league and Copa Libertadores.


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