We all know the talents from countries like Brazil, France and England. But there are many players from lesser-known countries who can turn into just as big of players. Because the Romanian league is FIFA, FIFA has a large database of Romanian players. That’s why I’ve searched for the top 5 Romanian talents that you can try in FIFA 22 Career Mode. These talents are not purely based on potential, but also on uniqueness.

Octavian Popescu
The first on the list is 18-year-old, Octavian Popescu. What makes this player unique, is that he has the highest potential of any Romanians. Popescu currently plays for FCSB in the Romanian league. He has 71 overall and a potential of 85. Popescu is a fast-paced winger who can play both left and right-wing. He can also play centre-midfielder if needed.

Octavian Popescu playing for FCSB

Ianis Hagi
The second player on this list is the son of a famous Romanian footballer, Gheorghe Hagi. Ianis Hagi is also the highest overall player in this list. Hagi currently plays for Scottish side Rangers FC. The Romanian player is now 22 with a potential of 82, but in previous FIFA’s Ianis reached a potential of 85. Can you make Hagi the player that his father was?

Florinel Coman
Florinel Coman is on this list because of his real face. Not many Romanian talents have one. In FIFA 20 Coman had a potential of 83, currently, he only has a potential of 76. This makes him a great option for a player revival. Florinel also plays for the Romanian side FCSB. Maybe sign him for a second division team and revive his career?

Marian Aioani
Marian Aioani is the only goalkeeper on this list. The 21-year-old plays for Romanian side FC Farul Constanta. The goalkeeper is 186cm tall, which is 6’1. With an overall of 69 and a potential of 80, this goalkeeper is great for a Championship team for example.

Marian Aioani playing for Farul Constanta

Ianis Stoica
The last player on this list is another player from FCSB. Another Ianis, this time Ianis Stoica. Ianis Stoica is the cheapest 80+ potential Romanian talent in FIFA 22 who you can sign in season 1 for a fee of €1.5M. Stoica is a striker with 64 OVR and a potential of 82. You can also convert him to an LW or RW where he will be a 67 overall player.

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