England is a country with many football clubs. Almost all counties in England have a club that has appeared in the EFL before, but there are some counties that never had a club in the EFL. In the coming weeks, we will give you a club idea from these counties. Your job will be to create the club and make it their first time in the EFL.

Isle of Wight
The first in this series will be a club based in the Isle of Wight. This county is based on the island of Wight. You can find Wight on the south coast close to Southampton. The Isle of Wight is the largest island of England meaning they have a lot of space for Football Clubs. You can create your own, or pick an existing save.

Ryde Saints FC
For this Create a Club we’ve picked an existing team. The team that we’ve picked is Ryde Saints FC. Ryde Saints FC is based in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The club was founded in 1993 by Dr Des Murphy. In 1995 they actually started playing games. Since then Ryde Saints FC has been growing slowly and becoming a staple team on the Isle of Wight.

Ryde Saints FC in FIFA 22

Create a Club
Now it’s time for you to step in. You will be creating Ryde Saints FC in FIFA 22 and taking on the EFL. You will start in the EFL League Two and the end goal will be to win the Premier League. This will take some time, so we’d recommend utilizing the Youth Academy that FIFA has to offer. By focusing on the youth academy you can build a solid team from the ground up.

The club colours that you will be choosing are turquoise blue (light blue) and white. For the away kit you can be creative, or recreate their current away kit. For most other things, like the stadium, you can pick their current stadium name. Which is Salters Park. To really make it a challenge, you will need to put the squad rating on 0,5 stars. This way it will really be a challenge. The rest of the options Create a Club has to offer can be decided by yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Next week another club will be featured from a county that has never been featured in the EFL. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Also, check out our Discord and chat with our community!


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