Heracles Almelo is a Dutch side built around the Greek legend of Heracles. Claimed to be the greatest of heroes, his name in western cultures was adapted to Hercules by the Romans. The tale, however, reads the same. A legendary man who took on the strongest of foes, and wound up triumphant every time.

Heracles was sent out to do 12 tasks after brutally murdering his children and wife. Those 12 tasks were:
Slaying the Nemean Lion, a vicious foe that was attacking the city of Nemea. This was slain using his bare hands. After this, he wore the beast’s skin as a cloak

Slaying the 9 headed Hydra, whose head, when cut off, would come back with 2 extra. This was slain with assistance from Heracles’ brother, using poison-tipped arrows.

The legend of Heracles is one repeated for centuries, his foes are renowned worldwide.

The 3rd and 4th labour involved catching beasts alive, which lent to a lot of patience and waiting for the right moment.

There are several more tasks that he was given, but for now, it’s a 13th task.

Heracles Almelo is a former Eredivisie champion, winning the title in the 1940/41 season. But can you update this stat, and make it a date much more modern?

The city of Almelo is a small one, in the east of the country. Compared to the story of Heracles, this city is much, much more peaceful

The main focus of this challenge, however, is building a team of Dutch, Greek and Italian players, to represent the home of Almelo, the home of Heracles and the home of Hercules. A God-like task is at hand, but the rewards will be amazing.

So do you accept?

Starting a save with Heracles Almelo, you must win the Dutch Eredivisie. Following the legend of Heracles, you will have 12 seasons to complete every task.

Those tasks are:
Building a team of 3 nations, and 3 nations only, which are Greece, Italy and the Netherlands

Selling every player who doesn’t come from those 3 nations (there are 20)

Win the Eredivisie title, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Rename the stadium every year to a new Greek mythological beast.

Win at least one game every season by 5 goals.

For an extra challenge. Every time you face a team with an animal/creature in their badge, you have to beat them, no matter who or when.

This challenge is one of the most difficult ones ever created, but rightfully so. Heracles is a legend not to be messed with, and his history is more powerful than any other God’s.

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