England is a country with many football clubs. Almost all counties in England have a club that has appeared in the EFL before, but there are some counties that never had a club in the EFL. One of the counties that never had an EFL side before is Warwickshire.

Let’s start with a basic information about Warwickshire county. Warwickshire is an English county located in the West Midlands region of England. The county town is Warwick where our created club is going to be located.

Racing Club Warwick FC
For this Create a Club we’ve picked an existing team. The team that we’ve picked is Racing Club Warwick Football Club who competes in the Midland League Premier Division (9-12 tier of English football). Popular club nickname is ‘The Racers’ and the main club colours are yellow and blacks with the away kit being a darker shade of red. The club was created back in 1919.

Club Badge

Create a Club
Now it’s time for you to Create a Club . You will be creating Racing Club Warwick FC in FIFA 22 and taking on the EFL. You will start in the EFL League Two and the end goal will be to reach and win the famous Premier League. This will take some time, so we’d recommend utilizing the Youth Academy that FIFA has to offer. By focusing on the youth academy you can build a solid team from the ground up which will be useful from the start.

As Racing Club Warwick FC is too long of a name to be made as a created club, we would recommend you to make it as ‘RC Warwick’ or ‘Warwick FC’ and use abbreviation you want. The home kits are going to be yellow and black, with away kits being of a darker shade of red. For the club badge, you can try to recreate the current badge or create your own!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Next week another club will be featured from a county that has never been featured in the EFL. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Also, check out our Discord and chat with our community!


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