I personally often feel like FIFA 22 lacks a lot of statistics. Once the season is done there is no way to check the stats of that season. It’s hard to keep track of club records etc. That’s why I use a spreadsheet (excel) file that helps me track statistics in the game. In this post, I will show the spreadsheet I use and how it works. Keep in mind I did not create this spreadsheet myself. I tried to find the original creator but sadly I couldn’t find it.

I will try to put as many pictures in here as possible so everything is clear. At the end of this post, I will give a link to my spreadsheet. There are a few things in that spreadsheet personal to my save so those won’t be addressed in this post.
So the first thing you will see is the trophy cabinet. Here you will just post when you won a trophy, and when you were runners up. This page shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

The next page will be All-time stats. The name of the page basically already says it, but this is where you put the all-time career stats. We recommend using to find the statistics before you save, so you can maybe get one of your strikers on the all-time top scorer’s list. Under these, you have the all-time career stats. This is where you fill in the career stats. Finally, at the end of this page, you will have some records. Records like Longest win streak, Biggest away win etc.

The next page is to help keep track of the All-time stats. Per season you can fill out per player how much they played, scored and assisted. Using the spreadsheet calculator will automatically add everything up and that way you just have to look at the numbers. This way keeping track of All-time stats will be easier.

Next up is the objectives page. This is where you keep track of your objectives. I personally only keep track of the position the board wants me to finish in. For example, Mid Table. But you can also keep track of the other objectives. It’s also an option to make your own objectives. This page will also have an area where you can put a career summary of positions where you finished, and it will have a competition history. Here you can see very easily who won what league in what season.

Next up is Season Statistics. This is a small page where you keep track of the number of wins, draws and losses compared to the number of matches played. This way you can see how much % of the games you won. And what the average goals per game are.

The page after that is called stuff. This page is basically for anything you want. I personally use this page for graphs to see how a certain player is doing or how my Goal Difference is changing. You can put anything you want here, that’s why I won’t address this page much further.

The page after is the H2H or Head-2-Head page. This is where you write down every opposition you played and if you won, drew or lost. This way, in a few seasons time, you will be able to check your records vs certain teams which adds a new level of immersion.

Now we move on to the seasonally based pages. These pages get duplicated every season to only write down certain seasonal stats. First, we have the page called SEASON X. This page addresses very limited information about your season and is a quick overview of it. Here you write down the most important stuff about the season.

SX Fixtures is the biggest page of them all, and something you keep track of after every single game. This is where you write down the scores of the games. You also write down who scored, who assisted and who is Man of the Match. I personally only do the players from my team, but you can also write down who scored from the opposition team. You will also have to write down the Player of the Month every month.

The next one is SX Transfers. The name basically says it all but this is where you write down all the transfers made in that season. You can colour code this in a way where you see what are January signings and what are summer signings. This is a very handy page to keep track of what you spend and what you receive. It’s also fun to check how much you paid for someone and how much you sold that same person for a few seasons later.

There are 2 pages left to describe. The first of two is SX Cup Stats. This page is based on all the stats of that season in your league. You will write down the league table and who are the top scorers, assisters and who has the most clean sheets. You will also write down who won what league, and who finished 2nd and 3rd in that league. This page is purely meant for you to see how you did in a certain season, and how others did.

The last page is the SX Squad Stats. This page is meant to keep track of your own team. You will write down how many matches someone played. How many goals, assists etc. But you will also write how many Player of the Months and Man of the Matches he got. This way you can keep track of who was the best in your team and who you might wanna sell.


I hope everything has been made clear. If you have any questions you can join our Discord, or message us on Twitter or Instagram. I hope this post will help you make a Career Mode save even more interesting. Make sure to leave feedback in the comments and share this with your friends!



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