Rutland is a tiny county lodged in the east of England. It is the 4th smallest county in England, and has a population of just 40,000. It’s only two towns are Oakland and Uppingham, and it’s for that reason that this create a club will be a choice of 2. You get to pick which of these two towns gets an EFL club that can potentially take over everything.

Despite being small, Rutland is still very picturesque

Oakham is the main town of Rutland, but having a population of 11,000 means it still is really small. Oakham United are the main football club here, but they play in the 11th tier of English football.

The other town is Uppingham, but with an even smaller population of 4,750, the town has very little to show. They still have a football club however, with Uppingham Town playing at the same level as Oakham United.

Despite being the only two towns in Rutland, the pair still play each other every season as they sit in the same league

Overall, Rutland has very little to show anywhere. They are a tiny county with a barren history, and in terms of football, they have minimal involvement at any point of recognition. But that’s what change is about. Giving the smaller teams a chance to shine, and who knows. Maybe you could make this tiny county a massive name in football.

Create either Oakham United or Uppingham Town FC in Create a Club

Give Oakland a green and black colour scheme, or Uppingham a blue and black colour scheme

Town Park will be the desired stadium for either side, and you can call it anything you like as the teams stadiums in real life are virtually non-existent.

Make your way to the prem, there is no set rival side, no definitive goal. Just do something good for Rutland

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