I have to confess, the title used isn’t 100% true. Newly generated players are not fully a thing unless you use your own Youth Academy. Almost all newly generated players are regen players, check out our post about that here to learn more about it. This post will be short, but I’ll be giving you a way to find these types of players.

Often people find them by looking specifically at the country and position of the player retired to find the regen, but this way you mainly get the same regens every save. Something I’ve been doing takes some time but is definitely worth it. First a disclaimer, this probably won’t work in season 1 because there ain’t any regens yet. This is most effective from season 5 and forward but can be done from season 2 and onwards. 
Step 1: Go to the Player Search tab
Step 2: Search for players that are 16-21 years old
Step 3: Move over all the leagues one by one
Step 4: Per league, you wanna look at every player
Step 5: Check if it says any of the following when you are on the player
– Showing Great Potential (80-84 potential)
– Exciting Prospect (85-89 potential)
– Has Potential to be Special (90+ potential)

Now, if any of those players have one of the above you’ve found yourself a talent. I recommend writing them down since there might be too many players for you to scout them all at once. You can see below what I did and how I wrote everything down. It’s just a very small portion of the players I found, but this way you understand the concept.

I hope you liked this shorter post. It may be different than usual but I think this way makes for a very unique experience in a FIFA Career Mode. Make sure to check out our Instagram and Twitter where you can also leave feedback. Also, make sure to join our Discord and chat with us about your saves or anything else.


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