The FIFA Career Mode Community has done some amazing things. From the PC community creating amazing mods to websites with handy tools that can help improve your Career Mode experiences. This post contains some of the most handy tools that you can use. Keep in mind that these tools are almost all from third parties. Neither us or EA are responsible for these.

Potential Checker
Firstly we have the Potential Checker. The name basically already says what it is. It’s a way for you to check a players potential. Websites like SoFIFA or FIFACM are great to find a players potential. You can also use these websites to find players in general, by looking for stats or if they have a real face or not for example. All the players are in these databases and contain a lot of information about a certain player or team.

An example of what the best positions are for a certain player

Position Calculator
The position calculator shows where a certain player is best. This is amazing for real players but even better for Youth Academy players. What the SoFIFA calculator offers is in my opinion the best and the only one I’ve been using. It’s definitely not the only one but for me the most complete and accurate one. For it to work, you’d have to fill in all the stats of your player and then you will see a image (shown on the left on PC) that shows what positions your player fits best and where they get their highest rating at.

Wage Calculator
The Wage Calculator, as the name says, is a way for you to calculate what the expected wages are. This way you won’t have a player walking away in the negotiations. The most accurate one for this is FIFACM, the FIFACM Wage Calculator is very accurate and is usually not very off from the real wages. All you need to do is fill out a small form about the player like his age, position, what league and team he plays in, etc.

Potential Calculator
The Potential Calculator works the same as the Wage Calculator. But instead you can calculate what the potential is of a player. This is a very handy tool when you are a few seasons in for players that got affected by Dynamic Potential. The Potential Calculator can also be found on the FIFACM website.

Save Generator
You don’t know what save to do? The Save Generator is a great solution that could help decide your new Career Mode. With only one click on the button you will get a save you could do. This does not only contain the team, but also a Career Style, formation you should use and what your end goals are. Currently the database of the Save Generator isn’t that large and if you click 10 times you will for sure see some overlap, but with enough users the database will probably grow.

FIFACMTips Discord Server
Last but definitely not least is the best Discord server on the whole planet. This might be a little bit biased but our Discord is a great tool for your Career Mode. In our Discord you can ask a big community of FIFA players questions and in the pinned messages you can find a lot of tools that have been found by other members. For example good sliders to use, how qualifying to Continental Competitions work and much more. You can also submit your own tools here if we forgot one!

I hope with this list your next FIFA Career Mode experience will improve and it overall just helps you enjoy the game more. Make sure, as said, to check out our Discord and also don’t forget to check out FIFACMTips’ other social platforms! Any feedback or suggestions are welcome in the comments and help us improve the quality of our posts!


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