First of all, we have to make our rules for making onto the list. We want the young players with high stamina, so the players who are going to make the list must be 22 years-old or younger, have at least +5 growth with potential, and also have stamina stat higher than 90!

There are 15 players who made it onto the list, lets check them out!
Keep in mind that these players start with this stamina, so they can run as much as you need while they develop!

  • Taishi Matsumoto (94)

Taishi Matsumoto is a Japanese footballer who plays for Sanfrecce Hiroshima in J League. 22 years-old central midfielder has the highest stamina on the list, but doesn’t have as big growth as some others have. He starts as a 65 rated player and has 70 potential.

  • Bartosz Slisz (91)

Bartosz Slisz is a 22 years-old Polish central midfielder who plays for Legia Warszawa in Polish Ekstraklasa. He makes the second place on the list with 91 stamina at the start and unlike Matsumoto, has a great potential to develop. He starts as a 67 rated player and possesses a potential of 78!

  • Lewis Ferguson (91)

Lewis Ferguson is a 21 years-old Scottish central midfielder who plays for Aberdeen. He is a similar player to Slisz as he has 91 stamina, but he starts with 69 rating and has 79 potential. He also has 4* weak foot, a nice little bonus!

  • Alhassan Yusuf (91)

Alhassan Yusuf is 20 years-old Nigerian footballer who plays for Royal Antwerp in Belgium. He is a defensive midfielder with 91 stamina which is great together. Yusuf starts as a 71 rated player and has 84 potential, its the highest on this list!

  • Patrick Sontheimer (91)

Patrick Sontheimer is a 22 years-old German central midfielder who currently plays for a 3. Liga side Viktoria Koln in Germany. Patrick has 91 stamina alongside with 91 balance. Sontheimer starts with 67 overall rating and has a 74 potential.

  • Djordje Mihailovic (91)

Djordje Mihailovic is a 22 years-old American footballer who plays for Club de Foot Montreal in MLS. He is one of the highest rated players on this list as he starts with 74 rating and 81 potential alongside the 91 stamina we look for.

  • Leandro Barreiro Martins (90)

The first 90 stamina player on this list! Barreiro Martins is a Luxembourgish player who plays in German Bundesliga for FSV Mainz 05. Barreiro starts as a 72 rated player and has 80 potential, pretty good for a 21 year-old!

  • Jan Schöppner (90)

Jan Schöppner is a 22 years-old German footballer who plays for FC Heidenheim in 2nd Bundesliga. He is a defensive midfielder with 90 stamina. He starts as a 69 rated player and has 77 potential.

  • Elliot Watt (90)

Elliot Watt is the second Scottish player on this list. 21 year-old defensive midfielder plays for Bradford City in EFL League Two and starts as a 63 rated player. He has 90 stamina and 72 potential, decent for a League Two player.

  • Fredrik André Bjørkan (90)

Fredrik André Bjørkan is a 22 years-old Norwegian who plays for FK Bodo Glimt in Norwegian Eliteserien. He is a left-back with pretty good pace and a strong stamina, we can say its a really good combination. Fredrik starts as a 73 rated player and has 79 potential!

  • Francisco Gerometta (90)

Francisco Gerometta is yet another fullback on the list. 21 years-old Argentinian is currently on loan at Esgrima la Plata. He is a right wingback with 90 stamina and decent pace. Gerometta starts as a 69 rated player and has 76 potential. Keep in mind that you can only sign him from season 2 and onwards.

  • Cameron Puertas (90)

Cameron Puertas is a 21 years-old Swiss central midfielder who plays for FC Lausanne-Sport in Swiss Super League. He starts as a 71 rated player and has 78 potential alongside 90 stamina.

  • Issouf Sissokho (90)

Issouf Sissokho is a 19 year-old defensive midfielder from Mali who plays for Bordeaux in Ligue 1. He starts as a 69 rated player and has 78 potential. He is the youngest player on the list.

  • Julian Schwermann (90)

Julian Schwermann is a 21 year-old defensive midfielder who plays for Sportclub Verl in 3. Liga in Germany. He is 3rd German player on this list. He starts as 65 rated player and has 74 potential alongside the big 90 stamina.

  • Archie Collins (90)

Archie Collins is a 21 year-old English player who plays for EFL League Two side Exeter City. He is another EFL League Two player on this list. He starts as a 63 rated player at Exeter City and has 74 potential which is pretty decent for EFL League Two.

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