Real faces can make a FIFA 22 Career Mode save feel alive. In order to enjoy a FIFA Career Mode, having it feel alive is a must. That is why I will give you a list of players you can use in FIFA. These can be signed for many lower teams, but also as a backup for bigger teams. Or even sign them in a FIFA 22 Create a Club.

Simon Ngapandouetnbu
What a name. Simon Ngapandouetnbu is an 18-year old goalkeeper who plays for Marseille in France. He is 6’1 (186cm) and has an overall of 67. His potential is 77 but with dynamic potential Simon can easily grow to 80+ overall. The frenchman has a value of €1.8M, meaning many teams can sign him. He can also be loaned in if that is what you are looking for.

Tommy Doyle
Tommy Doyle is an 19-year old English footballer player who previously played for Hamburger SV and played in the youth of Manchester City. Tommy now plays for Cardiff City in Wales. Tommy has a rating of 63 overall and a potential of 79. Again, this player can easily grow to 80+ overall with Dynamic Potential. Tommy can be picked up for a fee of around €1.2M.

Enzo Loiodice
Enzo Loiodice is a French football player currently playing on the island of Gran Canaria. Enzo Loiodice plays for the club UD Las Palmas and previously having played for Dijon in France and Wolves in England. Enzo is 20 years old and has an overall of 69 with a potential of 82. Enzo Loiodice can be picked up for a fee of €3.3M.

Enzo Loiodice playing for UD Las Palmas

Felix Nmecha
Many probably know his older brother, Lukas Nmecha. But Felix Nmecha is also a very good option for a FIFA Career Mode. If I were to give some FIFA 22 Tips, I’d tell you to sign Felix Nmecha. Not only for the way he plays, but also for the storyline you could create with his brother. Both play at Wolfsburg but could become rivals in the future. Felix is 20 years old and has an overall of 66. His potential is 78 and he can be signed for a fee of around €2.1M.

Aliou Traoré
Aliou might be the most unknown on this list. Aliou currently plays for Parma in the Serie B (Second Italian Division) and is 20 years old. Aliou might not have the best stats, but is great for a FIFA Road to Glory. This site is made for Career Mode Tips, and that is why I will give as tip to sign this guy. Despite only being 61 overall and 73 potential, Aliou is a really good player. He was seen as a pretty big talent at Manchester United a few years back. Can you revive his career? Aliou has a value of €800K

Zhang Yuning
The last one on this list is a slightly older player, with 23 years Zhang Yuning is a player that is often overlooked. He isn’t really a talent anymore, but he is also not really in his prime yet. Zhang Yuning is a Chinese footballer who currently plays for Beijing Guoan FC and has previously played for Vitesse, Werder Bremen and ADO Den Haag. He has 66 overall and a potential of 72. The reason why I picked this man is because there is very fun storyline that can be created with him. Chinese players aren’t as common in Europe with only an handfull of players. That’s why it might be fun to make a Chinese Superstar in Europe. Zhang Yuning has a value of €1.4M.

Zhang Yuning playing for Beijing Guouan FC

I hope you got some inspiration for your next signing. Make sure to follow us on our Instagram and Twitter where we post exclusive content that is not featured on our website. Also feel free to join our Discord and chat with us about anything FIFA or Football related.


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