In the Raatje FC Discord some people ask certain questions about a league. They ask who to sign, what rules to follow or how to make it realistic. In this post, I will give you 1 Tip that could help you with that league. These tips will all be different and one might be a realism type tip, while the other one is about something else. To decide what is a major league I looked at a BR Football post about the best leagues in the world. This article is from 2014 so some stuff might be outdated, but looking at the list I think it’s still valid. I did replace the Mexican league with Ligue 1 from France. I did this because the Liga MX won’t be in FIFA 23 so that tip wouldn’t be valid for long.

Major League Soccer (MLS)
What better “major” league to start with than the Major League Soccer (MLS). The MLS is a football competition based in the USA. Since North America doesn’t have a continental competition in the game my tip for an MLS save is to connect it with a Journeyman. Start in the MLS and after 1 or 2 seasons move to a different league in Europe maybe.

Serie A
The second on the list is the Italian Serie A. Many teams in the Serie A are sadly changed in FIFA where they have a different logo and name e.g. Piemonte Calcio and Latium. My recommendation would be to replace these teams and make a custom league. If you need a custom league idea, click here to go towards a post we made about it.

The Brazilian league in FIFA is very dull and doesn’t have much to it. The main reason for this is, is because the players in the Brazilian league are fake. My tip would be to avoid this league in general, and if you want to use a team from Brazil I recommend moving them to a different league. Otherwise, I think it will get boring quick.

Argentine Primera
If you want to do a save in South America you basically have to pick Argentina because Brazil has fake players. If you do a save in Argentina a tip I would give is to only sign South American players. It’s the only league in South America so it might be fun to make your Argentinian team the hub for South American talents. You can then sell those on towards Europe.

Ligue 1
When you think about Ligue 1, you most likely think of PSG. While PSG is the biggest team in France, France still has a lot to offer. My tip would be to pick a team in France and try to overhaul PSG from their thrown. This might be a fun challenge and can take you a while. This way you have a different target than usual.

I’d personally say this is one of the best leagues to do in FIFA, but I might be slightly biased. Something not many people know is that the Eredivisie has relatively low wages e.g. lower wages than the Belgium league. While the top clubs pay a fair amount to their players, the lower teams don’t pay as much. A fun challenge would be to set up a wage cap and not go over this.

La Liga Santander
I often struggle to enjoy a Spanish Career Mode. For myself that is because I find the Spanish player names difficult to remember, so I don’t get attached to the Spanish players. What if you manage a team and make them fully one nation that is not Spanish? Easy options would be England or France, but what if you go for a country like Hungary or China?

A tip for the German first division would be to play all games, yes all games. The Bundesliga doesn’t have that many games, just 34. It also only has the DFB-Pokal so you won’t play as many games as in the Premier League for example. If you play all games you will really get attached to the team and might just find your best save ever.

Premier League
The last league this list has to offer will be the English Premier League. The Premier League is often described as the best league in the world and is often used in FIFA. My tip for the Premier League would be to try and become a powerhouse. I often see people quit their Career Mode after they won the Premier League and the Champions League, but why not stay? Try to win the Premier League more than once and become a big English team.

I hope you enjoy this post and that the tips I gave you are useful. Make sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our latest news or post. Also, make sure to join our Discord and chat with us!


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