1. Second Man Pressing

A small feature that’s been updated in FIFA22 is the pressing with the second man. You might wonder what it means, so let’s look at the following picture:

As you can see, the second man’s pressing is shown by the triangle above that player turning green. This helps you to put pressure on the opponent by pressing with both the first man (the player that is selected) and the second man. The difficulty of the AI doesn’t make much of a difference is what I have noticed. A player or a goalkeeper from the opponent will mostly pass the ball out the sidelines which will give you a throw-in and another chance to create an attack or to regain possession. Be aware that doing this too much will cause your players to lose stamina, so make sure you only do it when it’s needed.

2. First Post Corner

I myself find it quite difficult to score corners in the last two FIFA’s, but as I have started a new Career Mode with St. Pauli, I have finally found quite a useful way to score from corners. Of course it’s not guaranteed that you will score every corner, but at least you will score some corners of this.

What do you need? First off, you need a tall striker. And not just any tall striker, one that’s genuinely huge. 6 foot 7/200cm+. When you have one, press the down arrow on your controller to open a menu on the bottom of your screen. Press the bottom arrow again to turn Run Near Post on.

Then, select that player when you have a corner ingame by pressing L1 on PS/LB on Xbox.

Put like 2/3 bars of power on the corner and aim it at the near post. Make a little run-up with your tall player and you should have a good chance of heading the ball and hopefully scoring that one as well. A few players I would recommend you to use are Onoachu from Racing Genk and Makienok from St. Pauli!

3. Attacking Fullbacks

The last gameplay tip is to have attacking fullbacks. Now I don’t recommend to have them go full-attacking wise, but I use the following instructions:

  • Balanced Attack
  • Normal Interceptions
  • Overlap
  • Stick To Position

This way your fullbacks go help in attack when needed and give you an extra choice to pass to when needed. The leftback in my St. Pauli Career Mode, Paqarada, has scored various goals already and I’m not even halfway through the season. Of course it’s better to have fullbacks who have better dribbling, passing and shooting stats as they will need to create and score quite a few chances.

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