Red Bull now has 5 football teams all around the world! RB Salzburg, RB Leipzig, RB Brasil, New York Red Bulls, RB Bragantino and FC Liefering as a feeder club for RB Salzburg. All of those clubs are connected as players often make transfers from club to club. Red Bull’s teams are not just a business teams, but they’ve shown that they have some great quality as Red Bull Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg played in the UEFA Champions League this season.

Story Idea

Red Bull decided to expand their influence in England and create a new club called Red Bull London. As the club has great finances being managed by the Red Bull, they manage to climb all the way to EFL Championship and are looking for one final promotion to the Premier League. For the help, they’ve got €10 million of additional budget to sign players from another Red Bull clubs, as they are on the road to the Premier League and further into save to the European competitions like the other two clubs.

Creating the Club

As the club’s name you are going to set it up as RB London (or any other city you want to create a club in) and make the same for Short Name. As the abbreviation you can choose what you want, but I made mine as ‘RBL’.

The league we are going to put the club is EFL Championship, but you can either put it in lower leagues or start in the Premier League if you really want. It doesn’t matter which club you replace as long as you don’t replace someone like Fulham or Sheffield United as they’re the best teams in the league.

Kits and Badge

When creating the kits and the badge, we will try to recreate other RB badges. Here is how it came out for me, you can copy it for yourself if you want. The kits should be in white and red combination, here’s how my attempt came out. You can create your own or try and copy these ones in your career.

When creating the squad, make sure to match the overall rating to your league, I’d recommend to set 2.5 or 3 stars if you are starting in EFL Championship. You can set whatever squad age you want and add €10 million budget, but set board expectations as: Medium, Medium, High, High and Medium as RB London will be financially focused club.

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