Portuguese football has been dominated by 3 clubs. Benfica, Porto and Sporting CP. The 1966-67 season didn’t see much change either, with a Eusebio driven Benfica side winning the title by 3 points. However, the 2nd placed team were a bit more surprising.

Formed in 1887, Academica is the oldest club in Portugal. Its history is one dotted with a few trophies, but mostly just mediocrity. A handful of relegation are scattered about, they could be viewed as a former yo-yo club, with most their relegations resulting in almost immediate promotions, up until the 2015-16 season. Now however, the club lay desolate, at the foot of the 2nd tier, 12 points off safety with 9 games left. It seems like an almost impossible task, but it isn’t over just yet.

The club’s last trophy came in the 2011-12 season,where they won the Taca de Portugal

However, this create a club challenge involves reforming this club, bringing them to that one trophy they couldn’t get, and then pushing them an extra step further. Using the clubs global links, can you create a new superpower, and create a modern version of some of the greats, such as Eusebio, Deco or Luis Figo?

The club is a part of a special group called the Club of Pioneers. Around 30 of the worlds oldest clubs are grouped together, sometimes taking part in a small competition, last occurring in 2019, being won by Lithuanian side FC Sveikata. However, whilst most of these clubs aren’t in FIFA, a select few are. Your additional task is to form a partnership with one of these clubs, with the rules including having to sign at least 1 player from the club every season, and to accept any offer you may receive from said club. The options are: Wrexham, St. Gallen, Royal Antwerp, Mohun Bagan, Genoa or ODDS. Some of these clubs have a stronger roster than others, but that benefit also comes with its flaws.

The exclusive list of teams in the Club of Pioneers

Give the club a black and white badge, a solid black home kit, and a solid white away kit. Put them in a stadium with around 30k capacity and name it the Estadio do Calhabé, and get to work rebuilding this club!

The club’s home, away and third kits, as well as their stadium.

As always, have fun, and don’t stress too much, considering in reality, the club is almost dropping out of the professional league altogether.

Recreate Academica, and put them in Liga NOS

Give the club a black and white badge, a solid black home kit, and a solid white away kit. Put them in a stadium with around 30k capacity and name it the Estadio do Calhabé

Use the youth academy to make as many Portuguese stars as possible, but you have to sell them once they reach 85 overall.

The main goal is to win the Liga NOS title, secondary goals include winning any European competition, and trying to win every single Taca de Portugal.

Create a partnership with one of the Club of Pioneers teams, signing a player from that club every season, and accepting any offers you receive from them.
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